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Quality Assurance

Our manufacturers are at least certified to ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001. We use an extremely professional procedure for selecting our partners. In addition to their classification by technology and batch size, the following factors also play a vital role:

  Diagramm Qualitätssicherung  

We have at least one "second source" for every technology. During our regular site audits, in addition to qualification we also pay increased attention to the company's environmental policy.  

Before we deliver any products to our customers all the consignments from our partners are subjected to extensive receiving inspection and testing procedures. These cover at least the following points:

• Verification and validation of the products and the requisite documents   against
  customer specifications
• Random testing:
   - Test the quality of the interlayer connections
   - Test the mechanical dimensions
   - Layer thickness measurements (copper Ni/Au, silver, tin)
• Archiving all documents including reserve samples and test documentation
• Special action if requested by customers


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